The Harlan Boys Choir remains dynamic because of generous financial and moral support given by the citizens of Harlan, as well as many outside the community.  Donor categories are:

Contributors:   under $10.00
Members:   $10.00
Sponsors:   $25.00
Patrons:   $50.00
Century Club:   $100.00
Century Plus:   more than $100.00
Appalachian Club:   $500.00 or more (added in 1980)

     When the Choir was first formed, its leadership vowed not to send the boys out to knock on doors or beg for money as if they were peddling products.  Therefore, a major portion of the choir's finances are raised annually through public subscription.

     The philosophy of the Harlan Boys Choir is to sell themselves and their love of music to those who wish aesthetically and financially to share their dream.

If you wish to make a tax deductible donation,
the mailing address is:

Harlan Boys Choir
PO Box 57
Baxter, KY  40806